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My 3 Sons, led by guitarist/composer Pete Petty, are a high energy fusion trio with strong roots in rock and funk. On bass is Bobby Patterson (DAG, Go There). On drums is Kenny Soule (DAG, Go There, Nantucket, PKM, Mary McBride, Demolition String Band).


Originally formed in 1987 in Raleigh, NC, the trio performed and recorded for two years before Pete relocated to Virginia. Now they're back together with an urge to explore material both old and new - including lots of new Petty compositions. “This has been a dream of mine, to get back together with these guys. And the band sounds stronger now than ever before.” says Petty. 


When asked about influences, Petty responded: “Really there are so many influences but Hendrix and Joni Mitchell are the two that come to mind first.  I would also have to include Coltrane, Jeff Beck and Jaco as people I have always enjoyed listening to. From a guitar playing standpoint the guys I grew up with, most notably Raleigh native Bernie Petteway would have to be the biggest influence on my playing. I was very fortunate to grow up listening to players in Raleigh like Bernie, John Wheliss, Rod Abernethy and so many others.  And of course being able to play with Bobby and Kenny and all the different elements that they bring to the table is a major inspiration.”


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